Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM)

PYM is a faith community comprised of over one hundred local Meeting communities in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, all of Delaware and Eastern Maryland, including Haddonfield Monthly Meeting. PYM practices “unprogrammed” Quaker worship, gathered together in silent worship to wait on the word of God.  Monthly Meetings including Haddonfield are organized regionally into thirteen Quarterly Meetings. By virtue of membership in a monthly meeting, Friends also become members of a their regional  Quarterly Meeting  and the Yearly Meeting.  This structure is not a hierarchy, rather, discernment occurs in Spirit -led Meetings for Business. Committees and Working Groups support the structure of our organization, carry out the work, and promote our testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship.

Working Groups of PYM carry out the ministries and work of our yearly meeting. They are comprised of members from monthly meetings across the PYM region. Each working group is under the care of one of the eight standing committees of our Yearly Meeting.

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