Committees and Clerking pdf – This presentation relies on Instructions for the Assembly and Operation of Quaker Committees 1981, prepared for Haddonfield Meeting.

Haddonfield Monthly Meeting is a Quaker organization in the unprogrammed tradition of the Religious Society of Friends.

Our faith is based on direct experience of God, and our lives witness this experience individually and corporately. By answering that of God in everyone, we build and sustain inclusive community.

The committees of the Religious Society of Friends exist to carry out the work and to forward the concerns of Friends. They are, with the business meetings, part of the structure which has grown out of the experience of men and women worshiping and working together, and together seeking to follow the guidance of the Spirit. The work of the committees is an active expression of our religious life.

The committees can rightfully fulfill their purpose only as they continue to reflect the concerns of Friends and have the faithful support and interest of the entire membership.

It is hoped that meetings will periodically allow time for the discussion of committee responsibilities, duties and objectives, particularly for the benefit of new members. Accordingly, these committee pages can be used as an aid in such discussions.

Each meeting, depending on its size and range of activities, has a number of standing committees. Haddonfield Monthly Meeting Committees include:

Committee for Care of Members and Attenders (formerly Overseers) – Membership issues, pastoral care, conflict resolution

Child Life Committee – Integration of children into Meeting life

Communication and Outreach

Finance Committee – Budget; stewardship

Friendship Committee – Assistance with Meeting social events

Library Committee – Care of Meeting library

Meeting and Community

Memorial Service & Graveyard Committee – Care of burial ground, funerals

Newsletter Staff

Nominating Committee – Solicits members and attenders for committee work

Peace and Social Concerns Committee – Discernment and action on Quaker testimonies

Property Committee – Care of the buildings and grounds

Religious Education Committee – Quaker educational programs for adults and children

Meeting—School Liaison Committee

Tuition Assistance Program

Worship & Ministry Committee – Spiritual life of the Meeting

and special-purpose committees as required. Formation of new committees or the laying down of existing ones is a function of the Monthly Meeting.

Haddonfield Monthly Meeting Committee List – New Terms Began 7/16


HMM Committee List 2015-16

 HMM Committee List 2014-2015 

HMM Committee List 2013-14

HMM Committee List 2012-2013

HMM Committee List 2011-2012

Meeting for Worship for Business

The monthly Meeting for Worship for Business (often abbreviated to Meeting for Business) is the central means for making decisions, translating concerns into action, and considering matters relating to the organization of the Meeting and its programs and activities as a faith community.

A Friends Meeting for Business should parallel the spirit of a Meeting for Worship. The Meeting for Business begins with a period of silent worship, and sometimes includes additional periods of silence if time is needed for collective meditation or if Friends feel moved, by the nature of matters before them, to seek guidance through worship. Frequently, after such a period of worship, a new spirit is manifested in the discussion, and Friends find themselves able to attain unity.

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