Friends Promote Worker Justice on Black Friday

Delegation visits Walmart on Black Friday 2012Friends Promote Worker Justice on Black Friday

Members of the HMM Peace and Social Concerns Committee joined a delegation that delivered a letter endorsing fairness for Walmart employees to a manager of the retail giant’s Cinnaminson store.

The delegation arrived at the store, where employees had been at work since midnight Thanksgiving night, curtailing holiday celebrations with their families.

The group carried a letter addressed to Walmart CEO Michael Duke that cited the vast disparity in wealth between six members of the Walton family, whose fortunes exceed 40 percent of the U.S. population combined, and urged fairer treatment of employees.

Signed by 62 people, the letter called for the retailer to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year with a jubilee, referring to the biblical covenant requiring the cancellation of debts, freeing of slaves and redistribution of resources.

The group’s action was among scores of Black Friday activities organized and supported by Interfaith Worker Justice, an organization that promotes workers’ rights by engaging diverse faith communities into action.

Submitted by Sarah Greenblatt

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