Memorial Service & Graveyard Committee

Memorial Service & Graveyard Committee:

The Charge

We offer an environment in which family members and Friends can respectfully provide a final resting place for and celebrate the life of the loved one who has died.  We also administer matters pertaining to burials in the graveyard and Memorial Garden.

Responsibilities include:

  • If someone in our meeting community dies and if someone on our committee is notified we call Care Committee to initiate their process of informing our community of the death and of any arrangements.
  • Contact person for the family (Clerk) meets with the family members to establish/gather the details for a memorial service and of the interment where appropriate
  • Locating, recording and updating information regarding the plots; marking out or choosing a spot with the recently deceased’s family member.
  • Providing money trail for donations related to the memorial service; stipend for custodian; gifts in memory of the deceased, etc.
  • Correspondence—acknowledging  gifts
  • Hospitality—providing reception after memorial services or coordinating with the family to provide this service.

The Opportunity

  • Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of every month.

About the Friends Burial Ground

This graveyard was established circa 1720 by Haddonfield Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) shortly after the first Quakers settled in Haddonfield.  Elizabeth Haddon, the founder of Haddonfield, was buried here upon her death in 1762.  According to the Quaker custom at the time, her grave is unmarked. Gravestones did not come into widespread use among American Quakers until the early 19th century, and are modest and without ornament in keeping with the Quaker testimony of simplicity.

Genealogy requests should be submitted in writing to Memorial Service & Graveyard Committee, Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, 45 Lake Street, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.


Inventory of HMM graveyard (8 MB file size) compiled 2009-2010 by Daniel M. Kurtzman

Memorial Service and Graveyard MSGY Annual Report to the Meeting 2010

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