Observing the King Day of Service

Observing the King Day of Service

Members of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting and the Peace and Social Concerns Committee took up paint brushes and rollers on Jan. 17 to honor the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Four members of HMM and six other volunteers gathered at the Newton Monthly Meetinghouse in Camden, where the kitchen desperately needed a new coat of paint.

Justin Loughry, clerk of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee, said the King Day of Service was a perfect opportunity to offer tangible support to the Newton Meeting, where the small membership base offers valuable services to the community but struggles to maintain its property.

While the volunteers may not have reached the mountain top that King described, they made it to the apex of ladders that took them to the heights of the Newton Meeting’s kitchen ceiling.  And while they did not put a permanent halt to oppression and injustice, they did overcome paint chips and cobwebs to greatly brighten the property of Friends in Camden.

Nice work, everyone!!

Submitted by Sarah Greenblatt

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