Raising Our Children

Raising Our Children; parenting using Quaker testimonies as a guide

Karriem and Veronica Salaam


How do you raise non-violent children in a sometimes-violent world?

What are the things in our children’s environment that we can control?


What can we do to help our children become good stewards of the Earth?

What are some ways that we can provide our children with hands-on experiences with nature?


How can we help our children treat others fairly and see the light of God in everyone even if they are different from themselves?

Could we also practice equality in how we treat our children, by dividing our attention among them equally?


Do we practice what we preach?

Do we value truth even when our children tell us things we don’t wish to hear?


How can we help our children live simply in an age of consumerism?

Do we complicate our lives by over-scheduling ourselves and our children; how can we change this?


How can we encourage our children to value their faith community and draw strength from it?

Do we make an effort to have our children spend time with children from families who have similar values?

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